5 Must-See Trading & Investing Webinars To Sharpen Your Skills
by Jules Pileggi | Jun 26, 2017 | Blog, Chaikin Analytics Updates, Investing Education

We host a lot of trading and investing webinars at Chaikin Analytics. It’s only halfway into 2017, and we’ve already hosted over 30 live, educational webinars on various trading and investing topics this year (investors can check out our upcoming webinars page to see what’s coming next).

Whether looking for options trading strategies, navigating earnings season, or finding long-term investment ideas, our live webinars offer useful information for all types of investors and traders.

Missed out? Don’t worry, we always record them.

Here are the top 5 must-see Chaikin investing webinars we’ve hosted so far this year.

1. How to Discover Winning Stocks in Trump’s Presidency, presented by Marc Chaikin | January 15, 2017

One of our biggest investing webinars, this event was hosted in January, but still offers useful guidance on what to focus on in 2017. Watch to find out which stock market sectors do best in a rising interest rate environment, why the combination of earnings and interest rates are so important, and much more.

2. Turbocharge Your Options Performance! Presented by Marc Chaikin and Josh Mindlin | February 24, 2017

Find out why covered calls can be a good way to generate immediate income on stock positions. In this webinar, our experts Marc Chaikin and Josh Mindlin discuss finding the right time to place a covered call (also known as a “buy-write”), and how to use them to maximize profits.

3. Investing 101: How to Know When to Sell a Stock, presented by Sandy Chaikin | March 29, 2017

“When should I sell?” is the #1 question investors ask us at Chaikin Analytics. Although many of our investing webinars tackle this topic, this time Sandy Chaikin hones in on exactly when to exit a stock, either to lock in profits or avoid a loss.

4. Conquer Earnings Season & Profit from Earnings Surprises, presented by Marc Chaikin | April 25, 2017

Find out how to take advantage of earnings season opportunities! Marc Chaikin covers the ins and outs of profiting from big price movements around earnings surprises in this webinar, originally

5. How to Predict Where a Stock is Headed and Create High-Probability Options Strategies, presented by Sandy Chaikin and Josh Mindlin | June 16, 2017

Sandy Chaikin and Josh Mindlin host a special all-new presentation on the two most important decisions for any investor or trader: first, how to pinpoint a stock’s direction and, second, how to decide on a strategy. This is one of our must-see investing webinars for options traders because it goes in-depth to lay out how to identify and implement a winning strategy.