Aron Brand, the person who is responsible for the revolution in the Singaporeans capital market.
The Singaporeans that plays with Millions, while people are calling them gamblers

They live among us, look and sounds like us, there is no chance of noticing who they are, without a prior warning, and they are just a handful (10%) out of the millions of people around the world, who have also tried to do the same in recent years, only unsuccessfully. They trade in the financial markets and have been rolling tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, every month, for years. Meet the people who are living the dream that we all have.

Revolution. This is probably the most accurate word to describe what is going on today, in one of the hottest industries, that is earning from us the most money - the Stock exchange and the Capital market. When I first met Aron Brand, I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. I saw a charismatic person before me with 14 years of experience in the field, and a noble vision to change the world, yet I couldn’t see the whole picture. After an hour and a half of intensive interview, I accurately realized what “revolution” he was referring to, and why it is crucial to shout out its message as loud as possible.

Brand (45), a known figure in the Singaporean capital market world, has dedicated the last 16 years of his life to training professional traders in the capital market. Up until two years ago, when he partnered up with the “Orin Shpaltar” financial college, he was running a leading trading academy, that has trained over 1000 professional traders with 90% success rate, something which is perceived to be an impossible fit to the eyes of the ordinary person because in this field, as it is known, the absolute majority of traders are failing and lose money.

These super-dealers are called "Nostro" traders, a nickname for people who do not trade in their private money but in the capital of the company in which they work and are considered the elite of the world of traders. He is going to expose the method, which was only reserved for traders of Singapore's leading investment companies, to the public for the first time, in a bold video series, which stirred the wrath of an entire industry.

Now, it's time to find out, why is he doing this?

Brand belongs to those people who prefer to do rather than just talk. Around him, you can find the most lucrative traders in the country, some of them at their peak, have been trading in 10% of the US stock market, in amounts of millions of shares (and dollars) in a single day. “There is a problem in this market. A pretty big problem actually”. He testifies:

“Throughout many years I have lived in a bubble. I was sure that the way I have seen the capital market in Singapore - was the reality. I have seen with my own two eyes traders that have undergone a specific training, and in short time, they were able to produce a 30% annual return over their investment portfolio each year, with 90% success rate, some of them were so good, they were able to yield these numbers on a monthly basis.

So far, it sounds great to me... Where is the problem?

“I don’t know if you are aware, but in the last decade, almost 200,000 people have studied the capital market field in Singapore. They got into this field after they took some sort of course because they were guaranteed to get rich overnight, something which is, of course, impossible, and one can even say - A blatant lie.”

What do you mean?

“A few years ago, while I was at the peak of my career, interesting data came to my ears that, at first, made me raise my eyebrow because it just didn't make sense to me. It turns out that, among the people who are undergoing training in the field in the various schools, 86% lose all their money in 3 months, and 96% will lose all at some point as well. which means that only 4% of people succeed."

So few? How could those numbers be?

"Exactly! You raised the big question, the one I also asked myself, just like you. The standard deviation here is too large and makes no sense in any way. The stock market rolls trillions of dollars a year, but somehow the little guy sees nothing from it. Simply disgraceful. And you know what, it doesn't end only in that.”


Each and every one of you can succeed

What, there is more?

“I can’t elaborate too much about it, but let’s just say that the same educational bodies earn much more than “just” 100 million NIS for those courses. Much, much more than that”.

Aron, you already threw it to the air, explain what you mean.

“Let's drop it. I only can say that educational bodies are interested in only one thing. They have a distinct interest that people will start to trade as soon as possible (while obviously they are not prepared for it, in terms of skills) because they see piles of money in the form of commissions from those traders.”

I don’t understand, not each person, that trades in his private money, and he is solely responsible for his wins and losses?

“You actually understood it correctly, besides the fact that no man can be responsible for his trading until someone has taught him how to do it properly. You see, all the schools are giving you the feeling that as soon as you know how to push on the gas and brake pedals, you can hold the wheel and start to drive on the highway like a race driver.”

So, what actually the schools are doing which is wrong?

“Look, the world of trading is complexed. Not too complicated, anyone can learn it, but it is like a puzzle with many pieces, and you have got to control all of them to become good traders. To control the puzzle, every trader must know to recognize trends, to pick the right financial asset (stock or currency), and most importantly - to manage risks. To trade is an acquired skill, just like driving, and just like you didn’t enter the car on the first day and expected to be an experienced driver, it is unreasonable that a beginner trader will act like someone who is already trading for 10 years.”

And where is the problem?

“The problem is that people are bombarded with advertisements like it is easy money and that anyone can succeed with just a push of a button, without training and practice. People are being tempted to deposit ‘just’ 500$, and then they lose it all, and then the retention department persuades them to invest 1000$ more, and then another 700$, and this is how the beginner trader bleeds out slowly and surely his entire money. To give the beginner trader, who just pushed the ‘Buy’ button for the first time, a feeling that he knows what he is doing, is just like telling a person who learned how to bounce a ball and kick it to the goal 5 minutes ago, that he now can go up on the field in the Barcelona team together with Messi to play against Real Madrid.”

Ok, I think I understand what is wrong here. How do you think this can be fixed?

“Very simple. The Nostro traders, those commando warriors in our field that can successfully hit 9 out of 10 of their transactions and make a fortune each month, are not necessarily people with Einstein’s I.Q or some mathematical genius. And on the flip side, you can be sure that those 200,000 people who lost money in the last decade are hardily stupid...

“As soon as the educational bodies in Singapore will start to treat the people seriously, which means, they will teach them everything and will not hold any knowledge away, will give them the tools that actually work, and not semi systems and software, and will provide close escort from real traders and not from clowns that has two months of experience, and most importantly, on the day that there will be a system that prevents from people to trade, before they are really prepared for it, only then there will be here a real revolution and the losses will stop, - and only then, each individual can trade his private money professionally with profits and a success rate as a real Nostro trader. “

illustration Just like the wolf from Wall Street, there are people that really “win” the stock exchange

Can everyone do it?

“I have no doubt they can, and it has been proven many times for years now. Many private traders around the world are producing each day from their home hundreds and thousands of dollars, while sometimes they open their laptop for just half an hour, make a very lucrative deal and end their workday. It is not the field that has the problem, but rather it's the trading companies which make people think that money in this realm falls from the sky. With a bit of effort, any man can do it. And any woman as well. And without knowledge and strategy, there is no other option except for losing.

You keep repeating and saying the term "professional trader", what do you mean by that?

In the American stock exchange, where the real traders like to trade, there is a daily turnover of 150 billion dollars each day (the meaning of ‘turnover’ is the worth of all the transactions committed in a single day). A professional trader that controls his actions knows how to yield in a single day unimaginable amount. It can reach even thousands of dollars in one hour of work, and more importantly, the professional trader knows when to cut his losses on time and turn them to negligible versus the profits.

“So, those “Commando Traders” as you call them, also lose money?

“Of course, there is no trader who doesn’t lose now and then. Everybody loses, with no exception. The trick is to know how to manage your risks and leverage your profits. A trader that knows what he is doing can be super profitable even when he isn’t winning every deal. Even though the traders I was referring to earlier succeed in 90% of their deals, I know many traders that even with a 20% success rate come out with a very significant profit thanks to calculated risk management.”

It still sounds too simple to me how does it add up with the fact that most people lose and not succeed?

“It is actually simple, and it is a fact that when you receive the proper training along with close escort, you get results. You are invited to come for a tour inside the trading room of the traders that I trained, to see for yourself. No doubt about it. With that being said, this process usually takes at least 90 days, which is the minimum time to turn any man from the street to a profitable trader.

By the way, are we just talking about stocks or foreign currency as well?

“This is what I am talking about exactly. In recent years, they drove people mad with all these commercials that show you how to make 1000$ dollars in 5 minutes, while flying a plane in one hand. These commercials are the product of the companies which sell us trade in foreign currency and binary options, which are more like a casino then to the stock exchange. I strongly advise you to stay away from it, like, from a fire, it is a trap with no chance to win in it. None of the professional traders I know touches these things, whoever wants to succeed for long should stay in stocks”.

Ok, I admit that you succeeded in making me a bit intrigued. In your opinion, who is really fit to trade?

“Anyone willing to invest, and understands that it is not gambling, and takes the time to learn the field. It also suits people that are looking for an extra income and to anyone who wants to undergo a career change to work from home or to achieve financial freedom in a short period.

When you know how to make money steadily, from trading in the capital market, you can do it from your home from the beach from the cafe or while vacationing in Italy - whenever it suits you. The only limitation is that you need a computer and an internet connection.

Brand adds: “Furthermore, unlike Amazon or eBay, or any internet-based business - you have no marketing, inventory, sales, customer service, or even a Business for that matter. You basically have no competition, and you are not dependent on anyone or to make money. For professional traders, trading is an asset that can provide a living whenever you want with a push of a button, just like drawing money from an ATM.

And are you the only one who teaches this subject well? “No, definitely not, I have colleagues in this field who are amazing. I support anyone who does it like it should be done, but not in those who lie in people's faces and are selling them daydreams.”

What is going to be different this time, unlike before?

“In short? All the knowledge and the tools that have created 1000 successful super-traders are now accessible for the first time to the general public, including you. All the secrets, all the tricks, all the truth on how to succeed in this field, with no bullshit. This program is called Big Shot by the way.

How do you reach these videos?

“Oh, that is easy: You sign up in this special page and you get immediate access to the first video. You can trust me that in a 150 billion dollars a day market, just a small crumb is enough to fire your boss and live like a king. And there is room for everyone”.

A word for the conclusion?

“If I was able to help with this article to just one person to save his money and not lose his lifelong savings for nothing, then I have done my part.

So, what now?

Click here and get a rare glimpse of our training and to the world where those 4% live, which rolls hundreds of thousands of dollars each month for years now.